Arquivo X – S01E03 Conduit

(A tape is taken out of a tape recorder and turned over and put back in and play pressed. Scully is alone in a room, voices are heard from the tape recorder)

DR. HEITZ WERBER: But your eyes are open?

(Scully is going through the X-File on Mulder’s sister)

MULDER: Yeah, they’re open but it’s like, nothing’s happening.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: Try turning your head.

MULDER: I can’t.


MULDER: I don’t know. I can’t move, so I don’t…(We see a close-up of the tape being played, on it it says: F. Mulder hypnotic regression tape session number 2B: June 16) I just lie there in bed.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: Can you see your sister?

MULDER: No, but I can hear her.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: What is she saying?

(Scully lifts up a picture and looks at it)

MULDER: She’s calling out my name, over and over again. (We see the picture is one of Mulder and his sister when they were kids. We see it is Mulder who is now holding the picture) She’s crying out for help but I can’t help her. I can’t move. (We see that Mulder is sitting inside a church)

DR. HEITZ WERBER: Are you scared?

(Mulder starts crying)

MULDER: I know I should be but I’m not.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: Do you know why?

MULDER: Because of the voice.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: The voice?

MULDER: The voice in my head.

(Mulder keeps down on his knees and begins to pray)

DR. HEITZ WERBER: What’s it telling you?

(The camera zooms away from Mulder as he prays)

MULDER: Not to be afraid. It’s telling me no harm will come to her, and that one day she’ll return.

DR. HEITZ WERBER: Do you believe the voice?

(The scene fades to black)

MULDER: I want to believe.



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